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Referendum 'no different to Scotland', Crimea minister says

Crimea's new information minister has told ITV News that the planned referendum on Sunday is no different to the situation in Scotland and Catalonia.

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Nato to review relations with Russia after Ukraine crisis

Nato has announced a review into its cooperation with Russia due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, after they suspended all meetings with Russia.

Armed men, believed to be Russian soldiers, assemble near an Ukrainian military base in Perevalnoe. Credit: Reuters

Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said officials would no longer hold staff-level meetings with their Russian counterparts, as they planned to step up engagement with Ukraine's civilian and military leadership.

"We have also decided that no staff-level civilian or military meetings with Russia will take place for now," Rasmussen told reporters after a meeting between NATO and Russian officials in Brussels.

The alliance will also suspend planning for a joint mission linked to Syrian chemical weapons, Mr Rasmussen added.

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