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Lawyers close courts with walk-out over legal aid cuts

Barristers and lawyers are staging a second walk out of courts in England and Wales over legal aid cuts. The Justice Secretary is pressing ahead with fee cuts for lawyers as part of a bid to slash £220 million from the legal aid budget.

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Courts to close as barristers walk out over legal aid

Courts across England and Wales are expected to close as barristers strike over cuts to legal aid.

Proceedings at major crown courts in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool, among others, are expected to be suspended while hundreds of lawyers march on Westminster in protest at the Government reforms.

The Criminal Bar Association said cuts to legal aid are 'unparalleled'. Credit: PA

This is the second protest over the Justice Secretary's decision to continue with £220 million of cuts from the legal aid budget by 2018/19.

Nigel Lithman, chairman of the Criminal Bar Association (CBA), said: "If these cuts are not addressed, then the British justice system, which is held in such high esteem around the world, will cease to exist as we know it and the British public can no longer expect true justice to be delivered.

"It is simply expected that the criminal Bar will accept cuts unparalleled in any other sector of the wider community."

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