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Children's education affected by 'slow internet speeds'

Poor broadband connection is damaging some children's education, according to a new report. The study by insurance firm NFU Mutual found parents in rural areas had to make more phone calls because poor broadband connections.

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Rural pupils 'risk falling behind' children in the city

Some 20% of families reliant on the internet for their children's education have found they cannot access online resources because of poor broadband connection, a report has found.

More and more "educational resources" are going online, the rural affairs specialist for NFU Mutual said. Credit: PA

Research carried out by insurers NFU Mutual found one in five of 1,600 parents quizzed were having to make more phone calls because of poor broadband connection.

Tim Price, rural affairs specialist for NFU Mutual, said: "As more educational resources become internet-based, country children risk falling behind their urban counterparts.

"Studying via the internet is now a key part of children's education and it's unfair that learning opportunities are being affected by slow internet speeds."

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