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Scientists hail breakthrough in 'Alzheimer's blood test'

Scientists have developed a new blood test which could detect if a healthy person will develop Alzheimer's disease over the next three years. Changes in the blood may signify the early stages of the disease, researchers said in Nature Medicine.

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Blood test breakthrough in Alzheimer's diagnosis

Scientists have developed a new blood test which could be used to detect early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and whether a healthy person will develop the disease within the next three years.

Scientists believe changes in the blood are an indicator of the degenerative disease in its earliest stages.

One of the study's authors said their findings were "a major step" towards a test which could be useful for a large scale screening. Credit: PA

A new study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, identified 10 molecules in blood could be used to predict with at least 90% accuracy whether people will go on to develop mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Centre in the US examined 525 healthy participants aged 70 and over and monitored them for five years.

During the research 28 participants went on to develop the conditions and 46 were diagnosed at the start of the study.

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