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Miliband: EU referendum 'unlikely' if Labour wins election

Labour leader Ed Miliband has effectively ruled out a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU, pledging that he would only hold one in the “unlikely” event that Westminster had to transfer more powers to Brussels.

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Miliband should 'tear up' some of the EU vision

John Mann said he would "relish" a Labour-lead campaign for an in-out referendum. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

The European Union needs to reform "flexible labour markets" which allow for cheap, foreign workers to undercut British employees, a Labour MP has told Daybreak.

John Mann said Labour leader Ed Miliband was "moving in the right direction" with his announcement on his EU policy, but wanted him to go further.

"The big issue that I would like him to be spelling out and doing something on is about reforming European Union's structures, fundamentally tearing up some of the vision that some of the EU has.

"And in particular with agency workers and flexible labour markets. That idea that you can under cut British wages - that is the real issue why people have become anti-European."

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