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Back pain behind 'more disability than any other condition'

Pain in the lower back is responsible for "more disability than any other condition", according to experts. One in ten people suffer from lower back pain and researchers warned it would get worse because of an ageing population.

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Back pain sufferers 'will increase substantially'

The number of people suffering from back pain will increase dramatically over the coming years because of the growing ageing population, researchers wrote in a BMJ journal.

In a report published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases on back pain and disability, the authors said:

With ageing populations throughout the world, but especially in low and middle income countries, the number of people living with low back pain will increase substantially over coming decades.

Governments, health service and research providers and donors need to pay far greater attention to the burden that low back pain causes than what they had done previously.

– Report authors

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