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Lavrov calls for 'de-escalation of rhetoric' over Ukraine

Russian troops near the Ukrainian border will return to its permanent bases after completing its military exercises, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said, calling for a "de-escalation" of rhetoric.

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Crimean Tatar leader proposes an autonomous region

The leader of the Crimean Tatars has proposed that the 300,000 strong Muslim minority group form an autonomous region in the Black Sea peninsula.

Crimean Tatars' assembly leader Refat Chubarov speaks at the Kurultai, the assembly of Crimean Tatars Credit: Reuters

In a press conference, Refat Chubarov said: "By adopting this document, we are announcing to all parties involved the commencement of political procedures to create national and territorial autonomy of the Crimean Tatar people on its historical territory in Crimea."

Many have already fled the region, which was annexed from Ukraine by Russia. They fear falling under the control of Moscow again, due to hardships they had previously suffered under the Soviet Union.

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