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George Osborne to 'fight for full employment'

The Chancellor George Osborne has declared the Government will target "full employment" in a speech today. He added that unemployment was "never a price worth paying."

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Osborne: UK should aim for highest employment rate

George Osborne stated that it is his commitment to fight for full employment in Britain, during a speech today.

He said:

When Winston Churchill was PM; they set the first commitment to full employment.

(Yet) attempts past and present by governments "guarantee" a job to every person are doomed to fail.

– George Osborne

There is no reason why Britain shouldn't aim to have the highest employment rate of any of the world’s leading economies.

To have more people working than any of the other countries in the G7 group.

That’s my ambition.

– George Osborne

In his speech Osborne said he wants the UK to be the best place in the world to "create, find and keep jobs" as well as improving schools and reforming welfare.

Cutting tax for businesses as well as "building new roads and railways", with an emphasis on becoming a "world leader in science".

That is what I mean when I say that we are going for Full Employment.

– George Osborne

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