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A-level student deported to Mauritius: I am all alone

An A-level student deported back to Mauritius last night has told ITV News she is alone in the country that her family fled in 2011. Yashika Bageerathi was flown back despite pleading with ministers to let her stay until after her exams.

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Air Mauritius 'regrets deportation situation'

Air Mauritius, the airline due to deport A-level student Yashika Bhageerathi back to Mauritius, where her family and school say she faces "danger" said they "regretted the situation" but had to comply with UK authorities.

Air Mauritius had been contacted by UK authorities during the last weekend, for the repatriation of Miss Bhageerathi.

Considering that all conditions (administrative and security) had not been met, Air Mauritius was not in a position to take the passenger on-board.

Yesterday 1st of April, Air Mauritius received a directive from UK authorities for the repatriation of Miss Bhageerathi.

All conditions having been satisfied, the company had no other choice than to abide by the directive.

The company has taken all steps to ensure that the flight of Miss Bhageerathi takes place in the best possible conditions.

Air Mauritius regrets this situation, but as all airline companies cannot but abide by decisions taken by relevant authorities.

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