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Lib Dem president: Clegg backs change to 'bedroom tax'

Lib Dem president has told ITV News the party, including leader Nick Clegg, wants to change the so-called 'bedroom tax'. Disabled people are suffering "severe financial hardship and distress" as a result of the change to housing benefit, MPs warned.

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Spare room 'can be a lifeline for a disabled person'

Citizens Advice has said an extra room "can be a lifeline" for a disabled person, calling it "as vital as a guide dog or a wheelchair".

Chief executive Gillian Guy said for many people a spare room "is essential to their wellbeing" as it is needed for dialysis equipment or room for a carer.

A group of MPs said disabled people are suffering 'severe financial hardship and distress' as a result of the 'bedroom tax'. Credit: Reuters

Ms Guy said: "Many sick and disabled people have bedrooms which have been adapted to help them to cope with their condition.

"Moving disabled people out of their houses is not only a potential risk to their health, but can cost the individuals affected and councils significant amounts of money if they need to start from scratch in a new home."

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