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US Senate votes to declassify CIA interrogation 'brutality' report

The US Senate intelligence committee has voted to declassify sections of a secret report into the CIA's "enhanced interrogation techniques", which critics claim amount to torture. "The report exposes brutality", the committee chairman said.

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Senate decision welcomed by alleged CIA torture victim

ITV News has obtained a statement from former Libyan opposition politician Abdel Hakim Belhadj, who claims he was tortured by the CIA and says British authorities were aware of it.

My wife and I welcome the decision to declassify this report.

She and I were tortured at a CIA black site in Bangkok before being shipped to one of Gaddafi's most notorious prisons.

At the time my wife was several months pregnant. Later we were shocked to learn the UK was also involved in the plot.

We have promised one another not to rest until we find justice - not for vengeance's sake, but for the sake of the new democracy we fought so hard for.

– Abdel Hakim Belhadj

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