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Princess Anne: Gassing badgers is most humane way to cull them

Gassing badgers is "the most humane way" to control their numbers, Princess Anne has told the BBC's Countryfile programme. The Government is considering the measure after a report said shooting them would not stop them the spread of TB in cattle.

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Anne: Gassing badgers 'a much nicer way of doing it'

Princess Anne has said that gassing badgers would be the most humane way to cull the animals.

The Government is considering introducing gassing after a report said that shooting badgers would not bring their numbers down enough to stop them spreading tuberculosis in cattle.

"Most of the people who did it in the past will tell you that gas is a much nicer way of doing it, if that's not a silly expression," she told BBC One's Countryfile.

"How it works is that you go to sleep, basically."

The royal owns a heard of around 30 cattle and has lost 15 rare white park cows to bovine tuberculosis in the last two years.

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