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Princess Anne: Gassing badgers is most humane way to cull them

Gassing badgers is "the most humane way" to control their numbers, Princess Anne has told the BBC's Countryfile programme. The Government is considering the measure after a report said shooting them would not stop them the spread of TB in cattle.

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Badger Trust: Anne 'fundamentally wrong' on gassing

Badger Trust CEO Dominic Dyer told ITV News that Princess Anne is wrong to recommend the gassing of badgers.

"Princess Anne is fundamentally wrong," he said.

"Badger gassing does not work. It is very ineffective because you're pumping gas into a set with lots of tunnel entry and exit points.

"The gas does not disperse equally - it won't kill all the animals outright. On average 20-30% of them will die prolonged, long deaths or suffer brain damage as a consequence.

"So it's not effective and it also has huge humaneness issues associated with it as well."

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