Edinburgh pandas ready to mate 'within two weeks'

The giant pandas at Edinburgh Zoo will be ready to mate within two weeks, keepers have revealed.

They hope Tian Tian and the zoo's male panda Yang Guang will produce a cub this year as the creatures both start to show the tell-tale signs that they are ready to breed.

There was disappointment last year when the pair did not mate, and although Tian Tian was artificially inseminated, she lost her foetus at late term.

Tian Tian, in her enclosure. Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

Experts will watch Tian Tian's behaviour closely to gauge when her 36-hour breeding window begins.

Tian Tian (Sweetie) and Yang Guang (Sunshine) are the first giant pandas to live in the UK for 17 years. They arrived on loan from China in December 2011 and will remain at Edinburgh Zoo for a decade.