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Princess Anne: Gassing badgers is most humane way to cull them

Gassing badgers is "the most humane way" to control their numbers, Princess Anne has told the BBC's Countryfile programme. The Government is considering the measure after a report said shooting them would not stop them the spread of TB in cattle.

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Princess Anne: Horsemeat tastes 'very good, actually'

Princess Anne has suggested that Britain should eat more horsemeat to stop surplus animals being abandoned and said she thinks the food tastes "very good."

"An awful lot of the abandonments is because they don't perceive there to be any value in the animals," she told BBC One's Countryfile.

"The meat trade adds value to the animal so there is some point in keeping it healthy if it's got an end point that it can go to."

Asked if she had ever eaten horse meat, she replied: "Oh, certainly."

She described the meat as tasting "very good, actually."

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