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National Insurance break for businesses to come into effect

Nearly two million businesses and charities may be entitled to a £2,000 National Insurance break that comes into effect this weekend.

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Prime Minister: Keep more of what you earn

Prime Minister David Cameron will address the Conservative Party Spring Forum today, following a four-day campaign to raise awareness of the Government's new tax cuts.

He is expected to say:

From tomorrow: millions of people will open their pay packets to find they are paying less tax - or no income tax at all - and that's because we are raising the tax threshold.

So you will not pay income tax on a single penny you earn up to £10,000.

Also from tomorrow: almost every business and charity in the land that employs someone will get a tax cut too.

I have written to more than a million of them to say: keep more of what you earn, grow, invest, take on more staff - because we are cutting your National Insurance bills by up to £2,000.

– Prime Minister David Cameron

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