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British fighter in Syria: 'No plans for UK attacks'

ITV News has spoke to a British Muslim fighting Jihad in support of the Syrian rebels against the regime of President Assad. He says he has no intention of attacking other countries or coming back to the UK to plot terror attacks.

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British Jihadi 'in Syria fighting for Islam'

A British man who says he is a fighter in Syria said there were "many reasons" to go and fight with the rebels against the Assad regime, but his main motivation was religious. Speaking on a mobile phone, he told ITV News:

"Well there are many, many reasons for me to come out here and fight...the first reason for me is not to you know to come and help the first reason here is because Allah asked me in the Quran. So for me this is more of an ideological struggle. This is more about Islam for me.

"The second reason I am here, the most prominent reason is to re-establish the Islamic state. A state which is governed by the Islamic sharia, and not by the wills and desires of men.

"The third reason I would say is to be here and to support my Muslim brothers".

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