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Government should 'review use of anti-flu drug Tamiflu'

Ministers should review the use of a widely used anti-flu medication, scientists have said after new research has questioned the efficacy of the drug. The Government may have wasted hundreds of millions on stockpiling Tamiflu, the report added.

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Govt 'may have wasted millions' on stockpiling Tamiflu

The Government could have wasted hundreds of millions of pounds stockpiling anti-flu drug Tamiflu after the concerns surrounding bird flu several years ago, scientists said.

A man holds a box of the anti-viral drug, Tamiflu. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

The Department of Health began accumulating the drug in 2006 in response to the disease and official estimates suggest ministers may have spent £424 million backing up supplies of Tamiflu.

A spokeswoman from the British Medical Journal, who co-authored the study with The Cochrane Collaboration, questioned whether the Government would stockpile the drug with hindsight.

"The BMJ and Cochrane issue a joint call to government and health policy decision makers the world over, asking in light of the latest findings from the Cochrane Review, would you make the same recommendations today, choosing to stockpile Tamiflu?" she said.

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