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Nigel Farage taking legal advice over expenses allegations

Nigel Farage is taking legal advice about "outrageous" newspaper allegations concerning his EU expenses. The Ukip leader is accused of receiving EU cash to run his constituency office when it is provided to him rent-free by local Ukip supporters.

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Farage: 'Not for me to defend £3,580 MEP allowance'

Ukip leader has refused to defend claiming a an MEP's monthly allowance of £3,580 because he says he wants the system abolished.

All MEPs are given a fixed allowance of £3,580 per month.

They do not have to provide receipts for any of that expenditure, but there is a list that gives suggestions of what the money might be spent on.

It is not for me to defend this system: after all, I want it abolished. Ever since 1999, I have expressly stated that Ukip MEPs will use the wherewithal provided by the EU Parliament to campaign for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

– Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Writing in the Independent, he said that reports which used the word 'expenses' were a "deliberate and cynical attempt to conflate the anger over MPs expenses with the way that MEPs work".

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