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Farage defends 'racist' Ukip immigration posters

Nigel Farage has defended a controversial new Ukip poster campaign that claims 26 million unemployed Europeans are "after" British jobs. The party's leader is beginning his tour of the country on Tuesday ahead of May's European elections.

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Ex-Tory donor says Ukip ads 'worth every penny'

The ex-Tory party donor who is funding Ukip's controversial advertising campaign has said it is "worth every penny."

Former Tory party donor Paul Sykes with Nigel Farage at the launch of Ukip's European election billboard campaign Credit: PA Images

Paul Sykes said he had "no idea" how much he had spent on the campaign but added: "I haven't stopped spending yet. It'll be worth every penny."

He said: "What do you think the freedom of this nation is worth? What do you think self-government of this nation's worth? I'm going to spend whatever it takes to make the British people aware that we're no longer governed from this great nation of ours."

Asked for a specific figure he gave estimates of £1.2m and £1.4m. Writing in The Telegraph he put the figure at £1.5m. Mr Sykes said "many other people" had contributed to the campaign and he was not the sole donor.

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