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Farage defends 'racist' Ukip immigration posters

Nigel Farage has defended a controversial new Ukip poster campaign that claims 26 million unemployed Europeans are "after" British jobs. The party's leader is beginning his tour of the country on Tuesday ahead of May's European elections.

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Lib Dem President attacks Ukip ad campaign

The President of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron MP, has strongly criticised Ukip's current advertising campaign, calling it factually and morally wrong and "fundamentally, very un-British." But, Mr Farron said of the adverts, "they are at least clear."

We have a European election that we're in the midst of now and we see there's one party that if you want to leave the European Union, if you want to turn your back on the three or four million jobs that it helps us create in this country, turn your back on our collective efforts to tackle climate change and to build peace and security since the Second World War across Europe, if you want to turn your back on all that, then you vote Ukip, that is very clear.

– Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat Party President

Asked if the poster campaign was racist, Mr Farron didn't answer directly, but said it was at least "straightforward and direct". He was also asked if the party was scaremongering. He replied that they had tried to "appeal to the basest of instincts, of fear."

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