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Family Court changes come into effect to 'protect children'

A single Family Court to preside over divorce and child custody cases comes into effect today, as part of a major shake-up of the family justice system. The court will replace three separate tiers that currently deal with family proceedings.

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Mediation made divorce 'more respectful'

Natasha Brittan sung the praises of mediation in divorce in proceedings. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

Mediation can make divorce "more respectful" and help the splitting couple from arguing unnecessarily, according to one mother.

Natasha Brittan told Daybreak sitting down with her estranged husband and an impartial referee with legal knowledge had helped them have an amicable divorce.

"It just made everything more respectful, kinder and we did not want, or certainly I did not want my divorce to define the rest of my life.

"We just wanted to look after our children, our wider circle of friends and family by having a good divorce and a respectful divorce."

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