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Independence pleas from both sides on St George's Day

David Cameron and Alex Salmond have given speeches for and against Scottish independence, as England marks St George's Day.

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Salmond: Social union 'will remain' after independence

The social union between Scotland and the rest of the UK "will remain", Alex Salmond is expected to say in a speech given in the north of England later today.

The First Minister will argue people either side of the border can still marry freely and the monarchy will preside over Scotland as it does for "other Commonwealth countries":

People would still live in Annan and work in Carlisle, or live in Penrith and work in Lockerbie. Friends and family would continue to visit each other.

We would still watch many of the same television programmes. People from Scotland and England would still celebrate personal unions - by getting married in Carlisle Cathedral or perhaps by going to Gretna instead.

On Monday, there were gun salutes in Stirling, Edinburgh and London to mark the Queen's birthday. That would continue, since we would still share a monarchy with the rest of the UK...just as 16 other Commonwealth countries do now.

– Alex Salmond

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