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Ukip member suspended over 'racist' tweets

A member of the UK Independence Party who featured in their latest party political broadcast has been suspended for conveying "repellent" racist and anti-Islamic views on social media, the party said.

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Farage pledges to root out extremists

Ukip leader Nigel Farage during his debates with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Credit: PA Images

Nigel Farage has pledged to root out people guilty of "real extremism and nastiness" within the UK Independence Party. The party said earlier it had suspended member Andre Lampitt for expressing "repellent" racist and anti-Islamic views on Twitter.

Ukip has had to defend itself against charges of racism over its European election campaign posters, ahead of the poll on 22nd May. Some forecasters are predicting Ukip will attract the largest share of the vote.

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