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Ukip member suspended over 'racist' tweets

A member of the UK Independence Party who featured in their latest party political broadcast has been suspended for conveying "repellent" racist and anti-Islamic views on social media, the party said.

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Ukip member claimed 'Ed Miliband is Polish'

Andre Lampitt, appearing in a recent Ukip party political broadcast Credit: UKIP party political broadcast

Would-be local election candidate Andre Lampitt has been suspended from the UK Independence Party after he made a series of postings on social media. His remarks were reported to include references to Islam as a "pathetic Satanic religion" and negative comments about Nigerians.

He also claimed that Labour leader Ed Miliband was "not a real Brit... he was only born here" and went on to suggest that Mr Miliband was Polish.

Mr Lampitt appeared in a recent party political broadcast by Ukip, wearing a T-shirt with the logo of his home renovation company.

In the broadcast he said to viewers: "Since the lads from Eastern Europe were prepared to work for a lot less than anyone else, I have found it a real struggle, it is getting hard to provide for my family."

Before his Twitter account was taken offline, he described himself as: "Born British in Rhodesia and proud of heritage sad at how Britain is run."

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