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Miliband promises new zero-hours contract rights

Ed Miliband will today promise new rights for workers to stop the "worst abuses" of zero-hours contracts - employment contracts which do not guarantee the provision of work.

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Miliband: Zero-hours contracts 'like an epidemic'

Labour leader Ed Miliband believes zero-hour contracts have "spread like an epidemic across our economy".

"The Government's own figures say they have increased three-fold since 2010 and some estimates suggest there are one million people on these contracts across the UK," Mr Miliband is set to say in a speech later today

Ed Miliband has pledged a Labour Government would give new rights to workers. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire/Press Association Images

He has pledged that a Labour Government would create a number of safeguards, including legal rights against being forced to be available at all hours - and being barred from working for others - when no work is being guaranteed.

Anyone working regular hours for six months would have the right to ask for a fixed-hours contract and it would be automatic after a year unless the individual opted out.

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