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Murderer awarded £815 'over broken nose trimmer'

A triple murderer has been awarded £815 in compensation after prison guards broke items including his nose hair trimmer. Kevan Thakrar said he was "stressed" by the loss of "priceless possessions" including photographs, letters and a carton of juice.

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MP: Triple murderer 'should not be paid anything'

The triple murderer awarded £815 because his nose hair clippers were broken by a prison guard "should not be paid anything", a Conservative MP told Good Morning Britain.

Nadine Dorries dubbed Kevan Thakrar's claim "quite bizarre" and "difficult to either believe or understand".

"If you or I lose our personal possession we don't have a claim for £800 to repay us. And most of this payment was made because a prison officer failed to apologise because he was stressed over losing his belongings."

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