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Fraud trial halted in legal aid row

A fraud trial has been halted because the defendants were unable to get legal representation following cuts to legal aid. The Prime Minister's brother, Alexander Cameron QC, argued "the state has failed to provide adequate representation".

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MoJ: 'Barristers have refused to work on cases'

Barristers are refusing to work on Very High-Cost Cases like the axed fraud trial because they do not agree with the legal aid savings the Government is making, the Ministry of Justice statement said in a statement.

"Barristers have refused to work on this case - and a number of other Very High Cost Court Cases - because they do not agree with savings the Government is making to legal aid.

"Even after the savings, if a QC picked up a case like this one, they could expect to receive around £100, 000 for working on it, with a junior barrister receiving around £60, 000.

"The Government has made sure that the Public Defender Service has a number of suitably qualified advocates who could act in this case."

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