Nazi terrorist jailed for 10 years over mosque bomb plot

A self-confessed fascist who produced more than a kilogram of explosives for planned bomb attacks on mosques in Merseyside has been jailed for 10 years today.

Ian Forman, 42, from Birkenhead, had 'carefully selected a number of targets,' police said Credit: YouTube/Greater Manchester Police

Ian Forman, 42, from Birkenhead, was first reported to police in April last year when colleagues at the glass recycling firm where he worked as a receptionist discovered he had been researching chemicals and explosive substances on the internet during work hours.

He boasted on Facebook of visits to Adolf Hitler's wartime headquarters and had spoken to friends about killing Muslims.

He was convicted of Engaging in Conduct in Preparation of Terrorist Acts contrary to the Terrorism Act 2006 at Kingston Crown Court.

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