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Religious leaders call for clearer halal meat labelling

Religious leaders in Britain have called for clearer labelling on meat products after reports claimed a range of supermarkets did not make it clear which foods were halal.

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Halal 'as humane as conventional slaughter methods'

Jewish and Muslim leaders recently said methods used for halal and kosher meat were "at least as humane as conventional mechanical slaughter" after a top vet called for reforms of religious slaughter practices.

The British Veterinary Association's president-elect, John Blackwell, predicted earlier this year that there could be a total ban on the "inhumane" practice of killing animals without stunning them first.

However, Shuja Shafi of the Muslim Council of Britain and Jonathan Arkush from the Board of Deputies of British Jews wrote in the Guardian that "compassion and animal welfare stand at the centre of the entire process."

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