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Religious leaders call for clearer halal meat labelling

Religious leaders in Britain have called for clearer labelling on meat products after reports claimed a range of supermarkets did not make it clear which foods were halal.

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What is halal meat?

Some religious leaders have recommended clearer food labelling to specify halal meat products that are sold in supermarkets and restaurants.

  • Under Islamic rules, animals slaughtered using the halal method should be blessed and then killed by a single cut to the throat.
  • However, the Food Standards Agency says more than 90 percent of animals used for halal meat in the UK are stunned before being killed - making them desensitised to pain.
  • The RSPCA makes no distinction, in terms of animal welfare, between pre-stunned halal meat and conventionally slaughtered meat.
  • It only says consumers should be told if an animal is killed without pre-stunning.
  • Chains such as Pizza Express, which serves halal chicken, say their suppliers only provide pre-stunned meat.

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