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Road safety more concern than 'stranger danger'

According to a poll by transport charity Sustrans, more than 40% of parents of five to 11-year olds say they are more concerned about road safety for their children, than 'stranger danger'.

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Charity CEO: We must 'urgently' make roads child safe

Sustrans launched its Campaign for Safer Streets today, urging parents to write to their MP to demand every child be given the right to a safe journey to school.

Sustrans chief executive Malcolm Shepherd said:

In 2012, a total of 33 children were killed and more than 1,800 were seriously injured while walking or cycling. If a whole classroom of children had been killed under other circumstances there would be public outcry.

There's a simple solution in our hands. We must urgently make our roads safer for those children already making a healthy, active school run and also to encourage those who don't feel safe enough to start walking or cycling.

– Malcolm Shepherd

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