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Road safety more concern than 'stranger danger'

According to a poll by transport charity Sustrans, more than 40% of parents of five to 11-year olds say they are more concerned about road safety for their children, than 'stranger danger'.

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Road safety more concern to parents than 'strangers'

More than 40% of parents of five to 11-year olds say their child has been involved in a near-miss while walking or cycling to or from school, according to a survey by transport charity Sustrans.

Road safety is more of a concern to parents than "stranger danger", the survey from sustainable transport charity Sustrans also found, with 44% classing it above a stranger walking off with their son or daughter.

33 school children representing the number of child cyclists and child pedestrians killed during the school run in 2012. Credit: Bob Collier/PA Wire

Parents that were polled said that slower speeds and more dedicated walking and cycling routes and safer crossings were among the most important traffic measures that would allow their child to get to school without worry.

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