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Ofgem orders E.ON to pay £12m to vulnerable customers

Energy supplier E.ON is to pay £12 million to vulnerable customers as part of a redress package after an Ofgem investigation found the company broke energy sales rules between June 2010 and December 2013

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E.ON to send letters to 465k customers over mis-selling

E.ON has agreed to pay £12 million to vulnerable customers after an Ofgem investigation found that the energy supplier had failed to properly train its staff in providing correct information to customers, which could have misled customers. As part of this package E.ON said they will:

  • Pay around £35 to 333,000 of their customers who are normally recipients of the Warm Home Discount. This redress package is thought to benefit pensioners, disabled and low income families.
  • Additionally, E.ON has agreed to make automatic payments to some vulnerable customers who may have been affected by E.ON’s poor sales practices.
  • The supplier will write to around 465,000 customers it has identified through its redress work, informing them of how to get in touch to find out whether they were mis-sold to.

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