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Warning over Europe's dwindling energy supplies

Europe's oil, gas and coal reserves are dwindling and will run out in a little over five years, a new report has found. Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University found a number of countries in the EU, including the UK, are facing critical shortages.

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France has 'less than one year' of fossil fuels left

France will run out of its natural gas, oil and coal supplies within the next year, according to experts.

The Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University also found:

  • Italy has less than a year of gas and coal, and only one year of oil.
  • Some Eastern European members fare much better, with 73 years left of coal in Bulgaria and 34 years of coal in Poland.
  • Germany has over 250 years left of coal but less than a year of oil and only two years of gas.
  • Russia has over 50 years of oil, over 100 years of gas and over 500 years of coal, based on their current levels of internal consumption.

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