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MPs: 'Bullying' Police Federation should refund members

The Police Federation has come in for a scathing attack from an influential group of MPs, who said the union should return part of their membership fee after it was found to have a £70m surplus. They were also accused of "bullying" and mismanagement.

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MPs call for Police Federation to refund members

The Police Federation should refund part of its membership fee to tens of thousands of its rank-and-file officers after the union was found to be sitting on a £70 million surplus, MPs have said.

The Police Federation has charged members for more than their operating costs, MPs found. Credit: PA

The Home Affairs Select Committee said the £70 million far outweighed the Federation's operation costs.

The money could be returned to members as part of a subscription rebate, alongside a year's membership freeze and further reductions in the future, MPs suggested.

A 50% reduction in reserves held by central committees would add up to a rebate of nearly £120 per member, the Committee's report added.

Membership to the Federation is automatic for all police officers.

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