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Migrants 'offered language certificates for £500'

Language certificates that offer a gateway to British citizenship are being sold illegally for £500, according to an investigation by the Daily Mail.

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Language school boss 'shocked' at fraud allegations

A director of the firm that allegedly offered to fraudelently sell language certificates to migrants has said the practice was confined to one branch, where tests have now been suspended..

"I'm shocked that this has happened and am very concerned as to how it could have happened," Learn Pass Succeed's Uzwan Ghani was quoted in the newspaper as saying.

"We are very thorough when it comes to checking IDs of candidates before they take the test, so I will have to investigate which of the centres the test was taken in and who the assessor was.

"I've been in the business for five years and I've never come across something like this and I would not allow it. It is wrong and ridiculous."

LPS was not available for comment when contacted by ITV News.

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