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Police cuts make 'nearly two thirds' feel unsafe

Nearly two thirds of the public feel unsafe because of the effect cuts to police budgets during austerity have had, according to fresh data. The Police Federation said 63% of people felt their personal safety was put at risk by further budget cuts.

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'Almost two thirds' feel unsafe because of police cuts

Further cuts to police budgets as part of the Government's austerity programme would make almost two thirds of the public feel less safe, according to a survey.

The Police Federation's annual conference is currently underway. Credit: PA

The Police Federation said some 63% of the 1,828 people they spoke to said they would feel more at risk if the Government continued to tighten police budgets.

There was overwhelming support for bobbies on the ground - some 93% said the number of officers was important in affecting how good a job the police service can do.

And 55% said their feelings of safety were influenced by the number of officers available to their local force, with 19% unsure.

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