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Ed Miliband slips up on the campaign trail

Ed Miliband was caught out in a regional radio interview when he was unable to identify his party's leader on the local borough council and appeared not to know the authority was Conservative-led. He also had a tough time on Good Morning Britain.

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Miliband struggles to name cost of family's weekly shop

Labour leader Ed Miliband struggled to name the cost of a weekly shop for a family of four, putting his own family's grocery bill at "£70-80 a week".

Asked on ITV's Good Morning Britain about the average weekly household grocery bill, Mr Miliband responded: "It depends on how much you are spending."

The weekly average spend per person on food and non alcoholic drinks came to £25.98, adding up to £103.92 for a family of four, according to the 2012 Family Food report from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural affairs.

Mr Miliband, who is married with two children, admitted to being "relatively comfortably off" but was adamant Labour were "determined" to tackle the issues facing the general public.

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