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GPs to vote on charging patients for appointments

Doctors will vote on whether to charge patients for GP appointments later today at the British Medical Association Local Medical Committees (LMCs) Conference. Missed appointments cost the NHS £160m a year and many GPs feel free care is unsustainable.

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One visit to GP 'costs £45'

A single 11.7 minute trip to the GP costs the NHS £45, according to Government data.

The 2013 Units Health and Social Care report from the Personal Social Services Research found:

  • It costs £27 for a 7.1 minute telephone consultation with a GP.
  • Home visits from a GP lasting 23.4 minutes are £114.
  • One prescription from your GP costs £41.35. This includes the cost of the drug too.
  • A 15 minute appointment with your nurse in a GP practice costs £13.

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