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UN torture committee to report on Catholic Church child abuse

The UN committee against torture will report on Friday on the Holy See's record on torture. The committee are likely to recognise the sexual abuse of minors and women by clergy as torture within the definition of the convention.

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Vatican response to child abuse 'truly shameful'

Non government organisations representing victims of child abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church are hoping that the UN's torture committee findings will "shame" the Vatican into changing the rules on how allegations against members of the clergy are dealt with.

Sue Cox from Survivors Voice Europe said so far the response from the Vatican has been "shameful".

The response of Vatican representatives has been truly shameful. They have displayed no regret and have tried to lie their way put of the many awkward questions put to them by this committee of world renowned experts.

Francis has an opportunity to change church rules and culture but the signs are not good. Rather than engage with the UN and heed its criticisms he has tried to defend the indefensible.

I hope the UN will take action to shame the church into action.

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