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'More than 50 killed' in Donetsk fighting

Pro-Russian rebels have said the death toll during two days of fighting in the eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk has now risen to 50. Ukraine's military launched a strike on rebels who had taken the international airport in the eastern city.

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'Atmosphere of terror' ahead of Ukraine elections

A man next to barricades in Kiev. Credit: Reuters

Some polling stations will be closed and staff pulled off amid an "atmosphere of terror" building in Ukraine ahead of the country's presidential elections.

Europe's OSCE democracy watchdog has said most of its foreign election monitors would not be working due to fears for their security.

Donetsk, where polling stations are unexpected to open. Credit: Reuters

Polling stations in the eastern region of Donetsk and Luhansk are unlikely to open.

The Vienna-based body has over 1,000 vote monitors in Ukraine for the election and is expected to deliver a verdict on the conduct of the poll on Monday after results are announced.

Barricades around polling stations in Donetsk. Credit: Reuters

Kiev hopes the poll will help resolve a confrontation with Russia that has split the country.

If necessary, a second and final round of elections will be held on 15 June.

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