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Man handed suspended sentence in cyberstalking first

Andrew Meldrum - who bugged computers to spy on women - has been given a 12-month suspended sentence and a fine after being convicted in the first case of its kind. Meldrum installed software on his victims' computers to take images covertly.

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Cyberstalking victim 'shocked' but supports sentence

One of the victims of cyberstalker Andew Meldrum has told ITV News of her shock at learning she was being spied on in her own home but said she supported the decision not to send the voyeur straight to jail.

"Even when I found out about it I couldn't believe that it had actually happened," said the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

"It was so shocking to see how easy it was and how quickly it was for someone to be able to install it and watch me and to do it inside my own home," she continued.

"It makes you question as a person what you do and how you live your life."

Speaking after Meldrum received a 12-month suspended sentence for his webcam plot, she said justice had been done, saying: "I believe the judge came up with the right conclusion."

She added: "If this is going to rehabilitate him and make other people think before they do things and if it's going to help anyone then that's fine."

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