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Fracking company Cuadrilla wants drilling laws relaxed

The chief executive of leading fracking company Cuadrilla has warned that the industry will grind to a halt in Britain, unless the Government allows it to drill under people's property without permission.

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Greenpeace: Cuadrilla fracking warning a 'ransom note'

Greenpeace campaigner Simon Clydesdale has dismissed fracking company Cuadrilla's warning over the industry's future as a "ransom note".

Cuadrilla chief Francis Egan told The Times (£) it would be "ridiculous" to negotiate access with every landowner over permissions to drill under property.

Yet Clydesdale said:

Ministers are bending over backwards and cutting corners to satisfy the fracking lobby's every wish.

Paying off the fracking industry's ransom note in this way will come at a huge political cost for coalition MPs who are backing an increasingly unpopular industry offering no guarantees of ever being able to deliver.

– Greenpeace campaigner Simon Clydesdale

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