Facebook troll jailed after posing as missing girl

An internet troll has been jailed after harassing a family by posing as their missing daughter.

Donna Wright from County Durham was sentenced to 14 weeks after she broke a restraining order to telephone Richard Lee, whose daughter Katrice disappeared near a British Army base in Germany 33 years ago.

Wright was also convicted of harassing Katrice's mother Sharon and sister Natasha. Wright had turned nasty after a DNA test proved she was not the missing girl, and sent spiteful messages over Facebook. She admitted to harassment after conclusive phone records were produced.

Mr Lee said the family was already serving a life sentence due to the fact their daughter was abducted and they have no answers. Speaking outside court, Mr Lee said she was a sick individual and had wasted public money:

The only justice I have got out of it is I will sleep easy in the coming weeks as I won't have to worry that she will ring me.

If I had one question for Ms Wright it would be 'what has my family ever done to you?'.

But I don't wish to ask that or any other question as I do not want this woman to have any such dialogue with me or my family or anyone else who is trying to find Katrice.