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May denies breaking Ministerial Code over Gove letter

Home Secretary Theresa May has denied Labour allegations that she broke the Ministerial Code by authorising the publication of a private letter to Michael Gove about alleged extremism in some Birmingham schools.

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Aide resignation follows 'unauthorised' press comments

Downing Street says the resignation of the Home Secretary's aide Fiona Cunningham follows "unauthorised comments" made to a newspaper during a row over alleged extremism in Birmingham schools.

"In relation to unauthorised comments to the media about the Government's approach to tackling extremism and the improper release of correspondence between Ministers, the Prime Minister has received the Cabinet Secretary's review establishing the facts behind these events.

"In acknowledgement of his role, today, the Secretary of State for Education has written separately to Charles Farr and the Prime Minister apologising for the original comments made to the Times newspaper.

"In addition, in relation to further comments to the Times, Fiona Cunningham has today resigned."

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