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Calls for Govt to set sugar reduction targets on fizzy drinks

Some soft drinks contain so much sugar the Government should set reduction targets in order to tackle obesity, health campaigners said. The call comes after 79% of supermarket fizzy drinks were found to exceed the recommended daily amount of sugar.

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Amount of sugar in fizzy drinks is 'absolutely not required'

The amount of sugar in fizzy drinks "is absolutely not required" and "is not necessary for life", Katherine Jenner, Campaign Director of Action on Sugar, has said.

"We do have too much, we all have too much pretty much every day and the group that has the most amount of sugar is teenagers who love things like these fizzy drinks and actually they make up a third of their daily sugar intake," she told ITV News.

She added: "Now this is sugar that is absolutely not required. It's not necessary for life. It does not give us the energy we need- we get that from our food.

"So by demonising it we don't want to necessarily say that sugar should be cut out completely from the diet but we certainly don't need it in such huge amounts."

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