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Calls for Govt to set sugar reduction targets on fizzy drinks

Some soft drinks contain so much sugar the Government should set reduction targets in order to tackle obesity, health campaigners said. The call comes after 79% of supermarket fizzy drinks were found to exceed the recommended daily amount of sugar.

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Experts call for action against sugar loaded soft drinks

Experts have rounded on the soft drink industry claiming the majority are overloaded with sugar and urging the government to step in to take "legislative action".

Katharine Jenner from Action for Sugar said that legislative action would now have to be taken to curb the prevalence of sugar in the drinks if the industry failed to self-regulate.

"We are talking about taxation, warning labels, limits to the amount of sugar in food and that's something that's going to have to happen pretty soon if they don't take action," Jenner said.

Although a typical can of cola had around nine spoons of sugar other branded soft drinks had a similar amount with some ginger beer drinks containing as much as 13 spoons of sugar,

However, Gavin Partington from the British Soft Drinks Association, said it was wrong to demonise the entire industry over a single ingredient.

ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports:

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