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Calls for Govt to set sugar reduction targets on fizzy drinks

Some soft drinks contain so much sugar the Government should set reduction targets in order to tackle obesity, health campaigners said. The call comes after 79% of supermarket fizzy drinks were found to exceed the recommended daily amount of sugar.

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Govt: UK 'needs to consume less sugar'

The UK "needs to consumer less sugar" and the Department of Health "eagerly awaits" advice from health and nutrition experts due to be published later this month, before it decides which measures to take.

A Department of Health spokeswoman explained:

As a nation, we need to consume less sugar. We are working with the food and drinks industry to reduce the amount of sugar in products and make healthier alternatives available.

And we are the first country in Europe to recommend simple voluntary front-of-pack labelling - this will make it easier for us to know how much sugar we are consuming.

We eagerly await the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition's independent report, to be published later this month, which will make recommendations around sugar consumption.

– A Department of Health spokeswoman

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