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Britain basks in hot weather as temperatures rise

England and Wales could today enjoy the hottest day of the year so far, as a spell of unusually warm weather continues. Forecasters said there is potential for the temperature to climb above this year's current record of 26.5C.

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England and Wales set to be hotter than Rio

England and Wales is set for the hottest day of the year. Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Temperatures in England and Wales are set to beat those in Rio de Janeiro today, with the mercury looking likely to creep up to 27C.

Currently parts of the UK are enjoying better weather than fans and players at the football tournament which kicked off last night, with Brazil's opener against Croatia played in the relative cool of the low 20s in Sao Paulo.

It will also be warmer than in Berlin and Paris, but forecasters say the humidity could also lead to a higher chances of downpours.

Simon Partridge from the Met Office said: "We do have a weak front system bringing a lot of cloud with it."

"That cloud will thicken through the morning into the late afternoon and early evening, bringing the chance of rain."

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